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7 Ways to Supercharge your Team on Slack with Nuzzel Media Intelligence

We are pleased to announce that Nuzzel Media Intelligence, the new next-generation news monitoring and research product, is now available via Slack.

[Nuzzel in Slack App Directory]


Nuzzel Media Intelligence continuously tracks the most comprehensive set of important news sources, and reports can now be delivered daily to any Slack channel.

Nuzzel for Slack will help your team save time and be the first to know your industry’s trending news.  You can choose any topics to share with your team.


Here are 7 ways to supercharge your team’s effectiveness with Nuzzel for Slack:

1. Get a Briefing in a Team Slack Channel

Give each team, such as sales, marketing, HR, or legal, their own daily news briefing on a common topic of interest.  For example, send a report on trends in “digital marketing” to the #marketing channel.

2. Get a Briefing in Your Own Direct Messages

Set up a news briefing that only you can see, delivered to your personal Slack Direct Messages.

3. Track Your Brand or Your Competitors

Get a daily report with any news stories that mention your brand or your competitors, so you don’t miss anything.

4. Know Your Clients

Track news about clients and their markets.  Don’t miss important news
affecting your clients’ businesses.

5. Increase Sales

Arm your sales team with important news about prospects, so you can reach out with valuable information.  For example, if your sales team is selling health management software, send them a report about trends in medicine and health.

6. Track a Tech Trend

New technology trends move fast, from AI to blockchain.  Stay in the know, and discuss trends with your team.

7. Replace Your Email Newsletters

Avoid inbox overload by having top stories delivered daily to any Slack channel. Skim industry news and click for more info right from Slack.

To learn more or activate Nuzzel for Slack:

[Nuzzel in Slack App Directory]