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A New Kind Of Newsletter

Even though the online news industry is now being disrupted by new technologies like social media and mobile, email is not dead. In fact, email newsletters are currently hotter than ever.

One reason that email marketing is so powerful is that 95% of a celebrity’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers won’t see what they post on Facebook or Twitter. McKinsey reported in 2014 that email is actually 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter for reaching people. And Harvard Business Review just reported that email is the best way to reach Millennials.

However, most influencers, celebrities, experts and organizations don’t produce their own newsletter, because operating a newsletter like The Skimm requires hours of work each morning.

Nuzzel now offers a new easier way to create newsletters, and a new channel for influencers to reach their fans.

Nuzzel newsletters are automatically generated social newsletters based on your Nuzzel feed. Newsletter subscribers receive a daily email containing the top 5 stories from an influencer’s Nuzzel feed. No install, setup, or account is required to subscribe, just an email address.



Nuzzel solves the hardest part of creating and maintaining a newsletter: discovering and curating compelling content day after day.

Nuzzel newsletters will include great relevant content, with no work required from the newsletter owner every day. The newsletter owner can also promote anything they want in their newsletter, and see analytics on their subscribers.






To get started with Nuzzel newsletters, go to or contact us for help.

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