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Announcing Nuzzel Media Intelligence

We are pleased to announce Nuzzel Media Intelligence, a next-generation news monitoring and research product for busy professionals.

Nuzzel has always been an important news source for many top influencers in media, tech, and finance. That is why Nuzzel was named one of the best apps of the year by Google Play, the New York Times, Fast Company, and Time Magazine. This new Media Intelligence product is part of Nuzzel’s evolution towards even more focus on the intelligence needs of business users.

Nuzzel has developed a proprietary and scalable system that analyzes the millions of shared links that already flow through the Nuzzel system, determining which we consider news sources, and which we consider high quality. The appropriate sites are automatically added to the list of sources that are continuously scanned. Nuzzel Media Intelligence is currently scanning approximately 100,000 news sources, and we plan to make Nuzzel’s news search system the largest and most comprehensive on the Internet. Nuzzel is scanning almost 1 million stories each day, and growing.

Nuzzel Media Intelligence Web

Nuzzel Media Intelligence reports automatically integrate search and relevancy scores with social signals and publisher authority information, to create a simple and useful result. Nuzzel will be the next-generation alternative to older archaic news research services.

Nuzzel Media Intelligence is already used by PR professionals, investors, researchers, marketers, sales people, lawyers, and business owners. Some examples of the most requested topics so far include Bitcoin/cryptocurrency, AI/machine learning, real estate, education, renewable energy, cannabis, and cybersecurity.

Nuzzel Media Intelligence Editing

Nuzzel Media Intelligence and news search APIs will be available for testing this quarter. Nuzzel will be making significant investments in our platform, and building integrations with other business software systems, such as sales and marketing software, to enable important business work flows.

Nuzzel Media Intelligence can be accessed at:

Nuzzel Media Intelligence features are currently offered via web and email, and will soon be added to our iOS and Android apps.

Contact us at with any questions about Nuzzel Media Intelligence.