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Big Improvements to Nuzzel Newsletter Curation

Email newsletters are hotter than ever.  But many people and businesses have started email newsletters only to eventually give up on them because it was too much work, or they didn’t know what to write about for each issue.

When Nuzzel launched our newsletter curation platform in 2016, we helped solve these problems by recommending great and relevant content from Nuzzel, and offering the fastest and easiest way ever to curate a newsletter.

Now we are making it even easier to switch to Nuzzel for curating email newsletters, by offering three new features that we received many requests for.

As of this week, the next phase of the Nuzzel newsletter platform will now support:

#1 – Customization
#2 – Non-daily schedules (including weekly)
#3 – Bulk upload of lists



Our new customization features can be used to easily change the colors and logo used in an email newsletter, to match existing branding:


New scheduling options:

When Nuzzel’s newsletter curation platform launched, it was focussed on daily newsletters.  Nuzzel is now making it much easier to curate newsletters that are weekly or using custom schedules.



Bulk List Upload:

Nuzzel supports importing contacts from phones, Gmail, LinkedIn, or uploaded CSV files. Nuzzel newsletter curators will now have the choice to invite a list to subscribe to their newsletter, or simply add previously opted-in lists as subscribers to their newsletter.

Check out Nuzzel’s newsletter platform at