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Guide to Using Nuzzel in Hootsuite

The Nuzzel App for Hootsuite will help you save time and stay informed about your business.

You can view custom news streams on any topics or keywords right within your Hootsuite dashboard.

To use the Nuzzel App within Hootsuite, just follow these easy steps:

1. Click on “Add Stream”, and select Nuzzel from the “Apps” section.


2. Log in or sign up

Log in with your Nuzzel account or sign up for a free trial.


3. Create a report

Enter your desired keywords, filters, and exclusions.


4. Pick or edit reports

From your dashboard, you can click on the top-left menu icon in the Nuzzel stream to pick which report to display, add a report, or edit a report.  You can even show multiple Nuzzel reports in multiple streams in your Hootsuite dashboard.


5. Enjoy custom news right in your Hootsuite Dashboard


6. Share content from your Nuzzel report using Hootsuite


Click on the “Share” icon below a story in your Nuzzel stream to share that content via Hootsuite.  You can even use Hootsuite’s scheduling feature.


Contact Nuzzel if you have any questions about using Nuzzel with Hootsuite.