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Improving the Nuzzel iPhone App (with Pocket & Buffer)

It seems like longer, but the Nuzzel iPhone app launched only a few months ago.  We were honored to have our app featured in the App Store, and so far the app has received over 80 ratings, with an average of 5 stars!


Many people have reported on Twitter that they have moved the Nuzzel iPhone app to their home screen, and love getting our innovative personalized push notifications.

Om Malik recently reviewed our app and wrote: “About two months ago, I downloaded an app that has become part of my daily life and in fact has earned a place on the first screen of my iPhone. … It is uncomplicated, it is simple and did I say, it is useful. Damn useful, to be precise. … It is simple and most importantly, it has made my life just better.”

The New Version

This week, we are releasing a new version of the Nuzzel iPhone app.

Two of the top pieces of feedback we received from Nuzzel users via Twitter and email were requests for Buffer integration more obvious Pocket integration.

This new version of the Nuzzel iPhone app adds integration with Buffer, and adds a dedicated Pocket icon to make saving to Pocket super easy.


This new version also includes dynamic type support, UI improvements, and fixes for various login and authentication issues.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for some exciting new features that integrate iOS 8 technologies.