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Introducing Nuzzel Newswire

There’s now a new way for businesses to promote their content to top industry influencers in media, technology, and business.

Nuzzel Newswire lets you easily place a promoted story in newsletters received by the influencers and busy professionals who rely on Nuzzel to solve their overload and discover important news. You can use Nuzzel Newswire to promote news articles, press releases, blog posts, and more.



Businesses spend thousands of dollars on noisy old-school press release distribution services to promote content that few people will actually read. Nuzzel Newswire is a modern alternative that provides more direct access to  an audience of key business influencers.

Nuzzel has always been focused on solving peoples’ overload, and connecting them to just the stuff they really need to know about.  That is why Nuzzel is used by important journalists, editors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and venture investors.

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