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Nuzzel Adds LinkedIn Integration and Video Feeds

On October 18, Nuzzel launched a new and unique integration with LinkedIn.

Many of the top influencers in media, technology, and finance use Nuzzel to save time and stay informed.  This is why Nuzzel was named one of the Best Apps of 2016 by the New York Times, Time Magazine, and the Google Play Store.

Nuzzel previously offered integration with Twitter and Facebook, and now Nuzzel has been approved by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, for enhanced access to the LinkedIn API.

Nuzzel users will be able to log in with their LinkedIn account, see a personalized feed of top news stories shared by their LinkedIn connections, and share, like, and comment on content back to their LinkedIn feeds.



Nuzzel users who already have logged in with Twitter or Facebook will have their Nuzzel experience enhanced by adding LinkedIn.  Even more interesting is that a whole new world of business professionals who do not use Twitter will now be able to use Nuzzel to get personalized business news by connecting their LinkedIn accounts.  This is a great fit for Nuzzel’s new focus on helping busy professionals save time and stay informed.

Nuzzel’s new integration with LinkedIn will benefit Nuzzel’s users, who include busy professionals and influencers, by providing even more convenient access to highly relevant content.  And Nuzzel’s integration with LinkedIn will encourage users to share interesting processional content back to LinkedIn.

Nuzzel’s agreement with LinkedIn represents yet another example of integration leadership and innovation by Nuzzel’s small team.  Previously Nuzzel was one of the first technology partners of the AMP project led by Google, and one of Slack’s first content integrations.

Nuzzel has also introduced a new video feed into Nuzzel’s iOS and Android apps, which shows both videos shared by your friends as well as top business videos from our network.