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Nuzzel announces new investors from the news industry

Nuzzel has been backed by top Silicon Valley tech-industry investors like Andreesen Horowitz, SoftTech, Homebrew, Lowercase Capital, Max Levchin and Naval Ravikant.

We are pleased to announce the following new Nuzzel investors from the news and media world:

  • Matter, the media-focussed startup accelerator and fund backed by Knight Foundation, KQED, McClatchy, Associated Press, A.H. Belo Corporation, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc., Public Radio Exchange, and Google News Lab
  • Gordon Crovitz, former publisher of The Wall Street Journal, board member at Business Insider
  • Arturo Duran, Managing Partner at IVA Ventures, former Chief Innovation Officer at Digital First Media
  • Craig Forman, partner at NextNews Ventures, board member of The McClatchy Company, former Tokyo Bureau Chief at The Wall Street Journal
  • Jim Friedlich, CEO of Empirical Media, former VP at Dow Jones, former board member CNBC International
  • Andrew Miller, former CEO of the Guardian Media Group
  • John Paton, founder and former CEO of Digital First Media, board member at The Guardian and El Pais


Nuzzel’s mission is to connect everyone on the Internet with the content that is that is most important to them, in a simple experience on web, email, or mobile.  We accomplish this through a unique approach based on social curation.

As we have solved overload problems for news consumers, we realized that there are also opportunities for Nuzzel to help publishers.  The intersection of social and mobile platforms represent both challenges and opportunities for news publishers.  Nuzzel can help connect the right news readers with the hundreds of pieces of content that news companies are publishing each day.

“As an investor focused on the future of media and news, I haven’t seen a more elegant user experience in this space than I have with Nuzzel.  Nuzzel will be a key part of the news ecosystem of the future.” – Corey Ford, Managing Partner of Matter

“As CEO of the Guardian I saw many new digital products innovating in the news/content space. Few cut the mustard. An exception however is Nuzzel which successfully declutters my newsfeeds and surfaces only relevant content.”  – Andrew Miller, former CEO of the Guardian

“We are investing because Nuzzel’s technology is a big step forward in speedily finding and presenting the news and information that is most useful and relevant.” – Craig Forman, partner at Next News Ventures, which also includes Gordon Crovitz, former publisher of The Wall Street Journal, and Jim Friedlich, chief executive of Empirical Media.

These new investors will help advise Nuzzel in our future partnerships with news publishers.

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