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Nuzzel Around The World

Some of the journalists or Silicon Valley technology investors who love Nuzzel seem to have the impression that Nuzzel is mostly popular in New York or San Francisco.  In reality, although Nuzzel is still a small and young company, we have users all over the world.

One of the fun things to observe since we launched a year ago has been the articles and blog posts about Nuzzel that have appeared in many languages from many different countries.  Here are a few examples!

image French

“Nuzzel. Que disent vos amis sur Twitter et Facebook | Les outils de la veille”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel. What do your friends on Twitter and Facebook”

image German

“Nuzzel” will die persönliche Zeitung sein”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel” wants to be the personal newspaper”

“Nuzzel – Der perfekte News Aggregator deines Social Streams”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel – The perfect news aggregator of your social streams”

image Italian

“Nuzzel per essere dentro alle notizie”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel to be in the news”

image Spanish

“Olvida los feeds RSS y las redes sociales: Nuzzel es el futuro de la información en internet”
Google Translate: “Forget the RSS feeds and social networks: Nuzzel is the future of information on the Internet”

“Nuzzel, el erizo que piensa ser un pájaro”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel, the hedgehog thought to be a bird”

image Norwegian

“Nuzzel gir deg de viktigste nyhetene”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel provides the most important news”

image Dutch

“Nuzzel, red mijn sociale leven”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel, save my social life”

image Swedish

“Nuzzel håller koll på det dina vänner länkar till”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel keeps track of the links to your friends”

image Russian

​”Nuzzel – лента новостей, которые понравились вашим друзьям”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel – news that will appeal to your friends”

image Arabic

تطبيق Nuzzel لإستعراض الأخبار من أصدقائك – آبريستا
Google Translate: “Nuzzel application to review the news from your friends”

image Japanese

“Nuzzel | タイムラインから話題の記事を賢くピックアップ。TwitterとFacebook連携のニュースアプリ”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel | smart pickup. Twitter the topic of articles from the timeline and Facebook cooperation of the news app”

Google Translate: “App “Nuzzel” that can be grasped in a moment an article a friend of a friend is talking about!“

image Korean

“소셜 뉴스 리더, Nuzzel”
Google Translate: “Social news reader, Nuzzel”

image Vietnamese

“Nuzzel – Ứng dụng đọc tin tức từ bạn bè trên Facebook hoặc Twitter”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel – Application to read news from your friends on Facebook or Twitter”

image Indonesian

“Nuzzel, Startup Terbaru Pendiri Friendster”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel, New Startup Founder Friendster”

image Croatian:

“Nuzzel: App Dana”
Google Translate: “Nuzzel: App Of The Day”


Here are a few Spanish podcasts about Nuzzel, and a video of a Swedish man talking about Nuzzel (in English).