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Announcing NuzzelRank — Authority Ranking of News Sources Using Signals From Top Business Influencers

We are pleased to announce NuzzelRank, our authority ranking of thousands of top news sources, using signals from top business influencers.

Why has Nuzzel created NuzzelRank?

This year Nuzzel launched our new Media Intelligence product, a next-generation news monitoring and research product used by PR professionals, investors, researchers, marketers, salespeople, consultants, entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners.

To help busy professionals save time and stay informed, Nuzzel Media Intelligence scans over 1 million news stories per day, from over 100,000 news sources. It is our long term plan to create the most comprehensive news search system on the Internet.

To power this news search system and deliver great results to our customers, Nuzzel needs to do the following:

  1. Decide what sources to include — we want to include all important news sources including quality new publishers, notable blogs, etc.
  2. Decide what to NOT include, i.e. porn, spam, scams, fake news, plagiarism sites, etc.
  3. Rank the results by relevance, authority, quality, and social signals

We use the NuzzelRank system to help decide what to include in our Media Intelligence reports, and to automatically sort the contents by relevance, authority, quality, and engagement.

How does NuzzelRank work?

Nuzzel is used by many of the top influencers in media, technology, and finance, such as journalists, editors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and venture capital investors. Our users provide an implicit panel of business influencers and their news source preferences. Every day, Nuzzel also analyzes millions of links shared by over 100 million Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts.

There are three main components to calculating a NuzzelRank score.

  1. Proprietary Nuzzel data including the reading behavior of our users
  2. Integration of external signals about the engagement and authority of news sources
  3. Partnerships with news reliability initiatives such as the Trust Project and NewsGuard



Nuzzel is joining the Trust Project and the Credibility Coalition, and collaborating with other partners such as NewsGuard and on NuzzelRank.

Nuzzel will be incorporating the Trust Project‘s Trust Indicators in calculating NuzzelRank scores, so that news publishers who are following the best practices and transparency disclosures of the Trust Project will be considered more reliable sources, and therefore receive a boost to their NuzzelRank score.

“We love Nuzzel and almost always open Nuzzel’s emails, so we’re excited to have the company join the Credibility Coalition to help provide data,” said Jennifer 8. Lee, a co-founder of the Credibility Coalition. “CredCo is heartened to see tech companies begin to apply quality assessments at scale in their recommendations, and hope to add nuance to that process in the near future.”

“I have been using Nuzzel multiple times a day on a consistent basis for more than two years. To me, Nuzzel offers the right combination of time-saving and relevance. NuzzelRank is heading towards the same direction we are with the project: surfacing good quality content from the web. We look forward to partnering with Nuzzel,” said Frederic Filloux, founder of

Nuzzel will also incorporate ratings of news websites from NewsGuard, co-founded by Gordon Crovitz, former publisher of The Wall Street Journal, and an investor in Nuzzel.  NewsGuard’s experienced journalists are rating and creating “Nutrition Label” write-ups about the websites that account for 98% of online engagement with news in the U.S.  NewsGuard’s “Green” rated sources will get a boost in their NuzzelRank score, and sites that get a “Red” rating from NewsGuard because they publish intentionally false information, propaganda or otherwise fail to meet the transparent journalistic criteria NewsGuard assesses may be penalized or excluded from NuzzelRank.

“Combating the spread of disinformation on the web is something we’re very passionate about at eyeo (the company behind Adblock Plus). In fact, we’re currently working on a new browser extension that will measure the trustworthiness of news sites online, and we plan to include NuzzelRank as an additional data provider to ensure that our website ratings are as fair and accurate as possible,” said Aaron Thornburgh, Head of Product at eyeo.

Nuzzel will be also collaborating with Factmata, a startup building explainable artificial intelligence algorithms to score articles for quality and credibility across multiple factors, to help calculate NuzzelRank scores as an additional signal.


Why is this important?

In 2018, Internet users are overloaded with content and social signals. Platforms like Facebook are full of clickbait and fake news. Business professionals need tools like Nuzzel to help stay informed of important business news while saving time. To provide high quality Nuzzel Media Intelligence reports to our customers, Nuzzel needs to choose what content to include, what content to exclude, and how to rank content by authority as well as relevance.

This year, Facebook announced that they would rank content by “trustworthiness”, based on surveying their users. This approach is flawed for many reasons. One is the subjective nature of opinions in what news sources are “trustworthy”. And Facebook’s users are unlikely to be familiar and knowledgeable about hundreds of thousands of potential news sources that include both valuable vertical industry news sources as well as fake news, spam, and scam sites.

Another similar idea recently came from Elon Musk, who apparently wants to create a website where the “public” can rate the truthfulness and “credibility score” of every “journalist, editor & publication”. TechCrunch called the idea “Yelp But For Journalism.” Like the Facebook approach of surveying their users, this proposal seems prone to abuse and bias, and would not likely be useful for the long tails of news sources.

Nuzzel has always focused on building scalable solutions that use software to aggregate existing valuable signals to provide useful results, rather than human approaches that are not scalable and subject to bias.

How can you use NuzzelRank?

Nuzzel will be calculating a NuzzelRank score for all news sources that we scan, currently over 100,000 sources. We will be using these NuzzelRank scores to help sort content in our customers’ Media Intelligence reports.


NuzzelRank scores for top news sources will be available to the public at:

Over time, we will add additional useful content to our NuzzelRank pages for top news sources, including information on topics, citations, authors, and related sources. We would like to build a useful database of interlinked news source metadata, kind of like an “IMDb for news”.

Top news publishers will be able to link to their NuzzelRank page and even embed a NuzzelRank badge on their website.

We will also be offering NuzzelRank data in our API in the future.

To Learn more

Visit to view the NuzzelRank scores for top sources, or look up the NuzzelRank for any news source.

To learn more about Nuzzel Media Intelligence, visit:

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