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Using Social Data to Enhance Nuzzel Media Intelligence Reports

Earlier this year, we launched Nuzzel Media Intelligence, a next-generation news monitoring and research product used by PR professionals, investors, researchers, marketers, salespeople, consultants, entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners.

Businesses and professionals use Nuzzel Media Intelligence to track deeply vertical news that is relevant to their business. Every day, Nuzzel analyzes millions of links shared by over 100 million Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts, and scans over 100,000 news sources. News content in Nuzzel Media Intelligence reports are ranked and presented to executives based on a proprietary algorithm that automatically combines relevance, authority, quality, and social signals. It’s like Google News Alerts on steroids.

Based on recent customer feedback, Nuzzel has now enhanced our Media Intelligence reports in two ways, both of which are powered by Nuzzel’s unique analysis of social data.

Today’s Top Influencers


This is a list of key people who are most influential in driving today’s social media conversations on your chosen business topics. Nuzzel customers can track or engage with these critical influencers.

Suggested Stories


These are additional news stories liked by the people who were interested in your report’s main stories, and provide additional relevant and trending content beyond what matched your keywords, by leveraging the graph of social sharing data.

Insights and Actions

Nuzzel Media Intelligence helps you save time and stay informed about your business.

Now, these additional metadata enhancements to Nuzzel Media Intelligence daily news briefings will provide business executives with a comprehensive understanding of who is leading the important conversations in your industry, and which news stories you need to act on immediately. These proprietary insights will make Nuzzel reports even more actionable.

Try it Now

Nuzzel Media Intelligence reports can be delivered via web, email, Slack, or Zapier integrations. Use this tool to amplify your marketing, sales, customer development, or competitive analysis, and find relevant content and insights to share with your team, sales people, customers, prospects, or on your social media channels.

A free trial of Nuzzel’s Media Intelligence service is available now at: